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Who we are

Linetrale LLC is an energy commodity trading house with core experience in trading LNG and NGL’s amongst other commodities. Founded in 2006, we are an African-focused trading house. Registered in America, headquartered in Lagos-Nigeria. The founders of Linetrale LLC are major Oil and Gas traders in the West African and International market, with well over 50years of Oil and Gas Supply and trading experience. We are focused on the new drive towards green and clean fuels in the Global Oil and Gas market and see this as fundamental to our global trading strategy. Linetrale LLC has end-user buyers in the following markets, African, Europe, South Asia, The Far East, and the Caribbean region; we continually seek to develop new regions to ensure we are positioned to be major suppliers of clean transition fuels in the global market, especially in the Africa region.

Our business strategy is to leverage our relationships, trading core capabilities, expertise, responsiveness, and logistical core competence to load and transport our oil and gas molecules safely within strict HSE protocols.  Producers, mid-stream traders, and end-users can rely on our consistent drive for excellence in executing our trade, supply, and operations.

Our products and services


Linetrale LLC trades across the Oil and Gas hydrocarbon value chain. We specialize in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), but also cover other energy commodities like Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Condensates, Naphtha, Crude Oil, Gasoline, Middle distillates, and Fuel Oil.

Bunker services

Linetrale Bunker is the bunkering subsidiary of Linetrale LLC a global marine fuel (bunker) company. We operate as a physical bunker supplier. As a physical supplier, we cover the marine fuel value chain, from sourcing fuel from refineries and midstream traders to storage, blending, and finally physical distribution. Refueling vessels, barges, support vessels rigs, offshore platforms, and FPSO's at sea and ships in port.

Core business principles

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing at Linetrale LLC means following core corporate policies and principles when sourcing our oil and gas products globally. These guidelines include, following established documented business policies. HSEC Policies, Corporate business responsibilities, Business conduct policies, and Anti Corruption/ Bribery guidelines. All these policies are at the core of our decision-making process when sourcing globally.

Responsible trading

Trading responsibly at Linetrale LLC means abiding by strict ethical and moral protocols that protect the integrity of our trade. This builds strong economies, by meeting the highest ethical standards and anti-corruption policies. We follow strict core corporate policies and principles when sourcing for our oil and gas molecules within guided health, safety, environmental, and community standards(HSEC)which is at the core of all our trading decisions.

Lagos Office

6, Raymond Njoku Street.
South West Ikoyi, Lagos- Nigeria

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